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Case Studies
12 Outcomes Reporting

The President of South Africa has signed performance agreements with all Cabinet Ministers. In these performance agreements, Ministers were requested to establish an Implementation Forum for each of the twelve Outcomes of the Provincial Programme of Action (POA).The 12 Outcomes involves all spheres of Government and a range of partners outside Government. Combined, it reflects Government's delivery and implementation plans for its foremost priorities. The 12 outcomes are developed with the view of aligning it with the priorities that fall under the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

    The 12 Outcomes are as follows:
  1. Improved Quality of Basic Education
  2. Long and Healthy Life for all South Africans
  3. All People in South Africa are Safe and Feel Safe
  4. Decent Employment through Inclusive Economic Growth
  5. Skilled and Capable Workforce to Support an Inclusive Growth Path
  6. An Efficient, Competitive and Responsive Economic Infrastructure Network
  7. Vibrant, Equitable, Sustainable Rural Development Communities Contributing Towards Food Security for All
  8. Sustainable Human Settlements and Improved Quality of Household Life
  9. Responsive, Accountable, Effective and Efficient Local Government System
  10. Protect and Enhance Our Environmental Assets and Natural Resources
  11. Create a Better South Africa, and a better World
  12. An Efficient, Effective and Development Oriented Public Service and an Empowered, Fair and Inclusive Citizenship

KwaZulu-Natal provincial government has contracted e-Solutions Software for consultancy and solution development for reporting on 12 Outcomes. During consulting, we studied the National Delivery Agreements, State of Province Address - KZN, Annual Performance Plans (APP) & Annual Performance Reports (APR) of the departments, Integrated Programme of Action and last year's baseline data. Upon identification of gaps, we recommended the standards used by the National Agencies and in lack thereof International best practices. The indicators were drawn based on this study. As the Provincial Integrated Programme of Action was dealing with limited number of high level indicators, we expanded it to high as well as low level indicators with proper categorisation to give a holistic view of performance on each outcome.

Operation Sukuma Sakhe

e-Solutions Software has worked at OTP, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to develop and implement its Project Management of Programmes (PMS) solution for managing government run programmes. The solution is implemented for the Premier's Flagship Programme (PFP-Operation Sukuma Sakhe) which covers 3 sub-programmes i.e. Food Security and Emerging Farmer, Creating Healthy and Sustainable Communities, Integrated Programme for Youth and Women. The challenges in managing large programmes are Creating specific metrics to monitor progress and performance; Create framework to manage information flow at different levels among different people and entities involved in the programme; Evaluate progress on the basis of data collated applying relevant metrics to name a few.
To effectively overcome the above challenges and manage, monitor and evaluate the programmes for the provincial government, our solution which is a customized application, enables the programme management team and other personnel to carry out their respective service delivery functions in an organised and efficient manner.

    Key benefits of the solution are as follows:
  • Enables reporting based on systematic processes
  • Availability of information in real-time
  • Create framework to manage information flow at different levels among different people and entities involved in the programme.
  • Create monitoring formats that are easily usable by people involved in the programme.
  • Evaluate progress on the basis of data collated applying relevant metrics.
  • Training people involved on how to use the system
  • Provide comprehensive reporting to make informed decisions.
  • Provide ability to share data with organizations at higher or lower levels.

This solution has helped the Provincial Government to setup a Nerve Centre. The centralized nerve centre enables the Premier, and his staff to get real time information on the programmes. The Premier, MEC's, DG and all key decision makers get a customized dashboard with features like Status reports, Performance reports, Indicator reports, Drill Down reports to zoom in from provincial level to individual level information, Statistical and Analytical reports, Map Based reports etc.

Northern Cape – Open Source Software Competency Centre

The Northern Cape Office of the Premier through INSPIRE programme has decided to support open source initiatives to support local growth and harness the possibilities of ICT's for development. For which they need to setup Open Source Software Competency Centre at the Northern Cape Urban FET College.

e-Solutions Software is playing a key role in the establishment of the Open Source Software Competency Centre (OSSCC) in partnership with the Office of the Premier, INSPIRE programme, Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Northern Cape Urban FET College.

    • The OSSCC focuses on:
    • The public sector Open Source Software (OSS) skills and applications needs
    • Development of potential for socio-economic spin-offs and orientation towards business spin-offs
    • Creating an OSS talent pool aligned to government software applications needs
    • Building up maturity amongst the talent pool for offering skills training and OSS applications development for private sector