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About Us

Digital Alchemy is synonymous to the best chapters in the world of Digital and Information Technology. Leveraging its state-of-the-art business solutions and services, Digital Alchemy has reconfirmed its position, time and again as one of India's leading organizations. Digital Alchemy is committed to constantly enhancing its inimitable savoir-faire and primacy in diverse verticals.

Headquartered aptly in India's business capital Mumbai, Digital Alchemy was established in 1998, and has registered a rapid growth with over 200 in-house resources. A robust growth also demands a strong skill-driven team of professionals, and our immediate expansion plans include ramping up our head count by over 50 percent. Our increasing presence across verticals and new clients being acquired at a fast pace, keep our teams on their toes and motivated to deliver nothing but the best.

Digital Alchemy offers:
  • strong business orientation
  • strong technological, consulting & professional services background
  • proven process outsourcing expertise across verticals
  • comprehensive managed services suite for all business needs

Mission Statement

Primarily, to ensure that our customers realize their business objectives by providing them with innovative, top-of-the-line consulting and cutting-edge IT solutions / outsourcing services. And, to certify a beneficial and secure journey for our stakeholders.
Our 'Core Values' include integrity, excellence, honing leadership, professional conduct, respecting all individuals and a constant commitment to learning and raising our standards on both levels - professional and personal.

Executive Team
Hemant Thacker - Chairman & Managing Director
  • Hemant Thacker
    Chairman & Managing Director

Hemant Thacker

A calm composure and a smart business brain resemble Mr. Hemant Thacker, Chairman of Digital Alchemy, Celebrity Locker Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. And E-Solutions, South Africa. With a strong footprint across the globe via varied businesses, Mr. Thacker is an entrepreneur with multiple interests, and the passion to ready organisations for the next big leap.

For him, the transition journey from a 6-member team to spearheading 200 worth workforce has been a mammoth task with significant breakthroughs highlighting the path. The radical growth in terms of staff strength, operations and revenues across the board are living proofs of his drive to dream the impossible and achieve it in reality.

Not one to sit on his laurels, Mr Thacker having diversified and in keeping the fundamentals in sight, has not only successfully justified his role in the IT arena but also created growth opportunities in IT and IT Allied Services in India and internationally. One look at the graph of the BPO & KPO division of the companies he heads, and the steady rise of these firms is evident from the numbers.

Mr. Thacker plays an integral part in the company, and with a keen eye for every detail, he maneuvers and steers every facet of these companies with equal enthusiasm and professionalism.

Sundeep Patil - Chief Executive Officer
  • Sundeep Patil
    Chief Executive Officer

Sundeep Patil

Mr. Patil is the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Alchemy, responsible for creating and driving the Company's corporate and product vision. Mr. Patil brings to Digital Alchemy more than 20 years of management, consulting, software engineering, product development and operational leadership experience in IT industry.

Mr. Patil has led new technology initiatives, authoring research and white papers, besides guiding and facilitating conversion of new technologies into newer revenue streams for the organisation and clients.

Mr. Patil has evangelised the quality and the security of products and processes through various conferences and workshops in India and abroad. With an inclination towards both the technical and business aspects of enterprise computing, information security, distributed computing, application integration, middleware technologies and web services, enterprise mobility, IT effectiveness and above all: ROI on IT systems.

Mr. Patil believes that managing people is the biggest challenge of an IT organisation. Over the years, he has successfully inducted and mentored promising IT professionals and turned them into effective problem solvers, communicators and team player, at the same time, instilling in them a sense of belonging and self-belief.

A Computer Engineer from Mumbai University, Mr. Patil has successfully shouldered higher responsibilities working with stellar organisations such as Motorola & Zenith International. In the last ten years Mr. Patil has held CXO level positions both in Indo-American tech Start-ups such as Taldak Software, Universal Infosystems & Rapix and in Corporates like Orient Infotech, IT-People and Publicis Groupe India.

Kedhar Gawde - Director
  • Kedhar Gawde

Kedhar Gawde

As an astute believer in bringing in experience and expertise to the table, Kedhar Gawde, Director of Digital Alchemy and Celebrity Locker Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, has diversified into the IT arena over the years.

From co-heading software and its allied offices in India and internationally, Kedhar has invented path-breaking solutions for some premier companies across Asia, America and the South African region. From a purely business perspective, he effectively manages to strike the balance as a Director of two companies. The task becomes more complex considering both the companies operate in completely different arenas, and core fundamentals.

Kedhar has developed and accentuated the software division of his company by sheer virtue of his strong insights and understanding of the marketing sphere as a subject on a larger canvas.

Armed with a degree in BA (Hons) in Economics, he started his growth trajectory as Director/ Partner with Ra Travel & Tour in 1996. He moved on to Schutters India Pvt. Ltd as Director/ Partner in 2004.

Loaded with the instinct to succeed, Kedhar is famous as 'KD' in the fashion fraternity, and brings to the table finesse, style and aggression. Kedhar leads operations at Celebrity Locker Entertainment, in partnership with the television personality Ms. Rakshanda Khan and Mr. Hemant Thacker who he best describes as his strength and support system.

Needless to say, everything under the roof with regards to fashion is handled by Kedhar.